By Jannie Linney

Nuggets are written by Jannie Linney under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
In this fast pace we live, many do not have time to read whole books.
Those people will sometimes take the time to read a short writing.

Nuggets are designed to get a Biblical idea into the heart of a person in a short amount of time. The newspaper opened up a space for Nuggets back in the 90’s.
Except for a short amount of time, that has continued. Many people have made phone calls and written letters and expressed their gratitude for that nugget injected into their life on a regular weekly basis. Jannie has been thankful to be used in that way and that others are blessed.

By adding Nuggets to our website we pray this will be more convenient for you and will be a daily source of reading instead of weekly.
May God Bless you as you Read.

You can select which Nugget you would like to read by Clicking below.

When unable to be on the internet you can find Nuggets published in the local new papers.

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